Grievance and Dispute Resolution Policy

Dewpoint Group engages with our clients to understand their needs and have a focused, professional approach to deliver practical outcomes.

Dewpoint primarily focusses on the Mechanical Building Services Industry and our experience includes the Health, Retail, Commercial Office, Laboratory, Education and Residential sectors. Our team has extensive experience working on Tier 1 projects.

Dewpoint supports the right of every employee to lodge a grievance with their manager if they believe a decision, behaviour or action affecting their employment is unfair. An employee may raise a grievance about any performance improvement action taken against them and it is essential to involve the Directors as soon as possible. The decision about how to deal with this kind of complaint must be made by the Directors, possibly after discussions with the complainant and the relevant supervisor.

We aim to resolve problems and grievances promptly and as close to the source as possible. When necessary, we will escalate a grievance to the next higher level of authority for more discussion and resolution and continue escalating it to the level above until it is resolved. There may be times when a third party is engaged to undertake the investigation at the discretion of the Directors.

An Open Door Policy is promoted for staff to raise any concerns that may affect the work environment, performance, and satisfaction of employment.

Managers and supervisors will do their utmost to action grievances objectively, discretely, and promptly. Where a staff member has a grievance that affects their work performance or satisfaction, our procedures will assist in facilitating continuous improvement within the workplace.

Our process for resolving grievances or disputes is:

Our organisation will always encourage suggestions to improve our health and safety objectives and work towards creating a safe working environment.

This policy applies to all business operations and functions and binds all its relevant stakeholders.