Rehabilitation Policy

The Dewpoint Group is committed to ensure that each employee is covered by the following work based occupational rehabilitation policy:

  1. The Dewpoint Group will actively work to prevent injury and illness through the provision of a safe and healthy working environment.
  2. The Dewpoint Group will ensure that where necessary, the occupational rehabilitation process is commenced as soon as possible after an injury, in a manner consistent with the medical advice given.
  3. The Dewpoint Group will ensure that return to work by an injured employee takes place as soon as medically safe and that this becomes a normal practice and expectation.
  4. Wherever possible, the Dewpoint Group will provide selected alternative duties/employment for an injured employee, as an integral part of the rehabilitation process and with due consideration for any partial disability.
  5. The Dewpoint Group will consult with employees and their representatives on any matters arising out of the rehabilitation process.
  6. The Dewpoint Group will ensure that participation in a rehabilitation programme will not prove prejudicial to an injured employee.