Health and Safety Policy

Dewpoint Group is a business with years of experience in the Construction Industry throughout Australia. We can handle the smallest jobs through to the largest projects that are required by the Construction Industry, in any State or Territory of Australia. We are a team of experienced operators that have all the necessary skills required to cover all types of work performed in the industry. The company is dedicated to the health and safety of its workers and sub-contractors and the company holds all current certificates and insurance policies required.

As a responsible business entity, we have an obligation to ensure our workers (including contractors and sub-contractors), clients and visitors at our premises or work sites, are as far as reasonably practicable not exposed to any health or safety risks as a result of our operations.

We are committed to constantly challenging our performance in safeguarding health and safety, pushing the boundaries to continuously improve our approach so as to ensure that our safety and health policy remains effective for our day-to-day business operations. We remain committed to professionalism in all our operations and business activities without compromising the health, safety, and wellbeing of all workers and all who may be affected by our business activities.

Dewpoint Group aspires to create a risk-free environment for all our internal and external stakeholders. We believe that every incident is preventable, and that safety comes first in all our business decisions. This policy integrates our values and beliefs on health and safety. In order to achieve a risk-free environment, we endeavour to:

It is important to note that health and safety is a shared accountability as well as an individual responsibility, for all persons impacted by our operations. At Dewpoint, we seek the co-operation of all our stakeholders to achieve our health and safety objectives. We emphasise the requirement to always comply with the company’s safe work practices so that no person is exposed to, or exposes others to, a health and safety risk.

Our organisation will always encourage suggestions to improve our health and safety objectives and work towards creating a safe working environment. This policy applies to all business operations and functions and binds all its relevant stakeholders.