Environmental Policy

Dewpoint Group engages with our clients to understand their needs and have a focused, professional approach to deliver practical outcomes. 

Dewpoint primarily focusses on the Mechanical Building Services Industry and our experience includes the Health, Retail, Commercial Office, Laboratory, Education and Residential sectors. Our team has extensive experience working on Tier 1 projects. 

As a responsible business entity, we have an obligation to ensure our workers (including sub-contractors and sub-consultants), clients  and visitors at our premises, do not harm the environment as a result of our operations.  

Dewpoint acknowledges the importance of protecting the environment as part of the community. In saying that, we aspire to being a  sustainable organisation which goes beyond minimising harm to the environment. To achieve this, we will endeavour to: 

It is important to note that environmental management is a shared accountability as well as an individual responsibility, for all persons  impacted by our operations. At Dewpoint we seek the co-operation of all our stakeholders to achieve our environmental objectives. We emphasize the requirement to comply with the company’s safe work practices at all times so that the environment is not harmed. 

Dewpoint will always encourage suggestions to improve our environmental objectives and work towards keeping environmental harm  to a minimum in a sustainable, economically, and feasible manner. 

This policy applies to all business operations and functions and binds all its relevant stakeholders.