Silanna Semiconductor Facility – Pinkenba, Qld

Dewpoint are delighted to announce the practical completion of the new Silanna Semiconductor facility in Pinkenba Brisbane. The cleanroom facility will be used for the manufacture of semiconductors and consists of ISO class 5 and class 7 cleanrooms.

The project consists of two one hundred percent outside air units (that operate at 50% to provide redundancy should one fail). The units are used to achieve the room pressure cascade and to treat the latent outside air load. The rooms are then served by recirculating air handling units to treat the room’s sensible load. Due to the strict cleanliness requirements Dewpoint instituted strict inspection test plans across the complete construction process from duct manufacture through to cleaning the ductwork before installation.

🔲 CLIENT: Silanna Semiconductors
🔲 CONSULTANT: Sage Engineering Associates
🔲 COMPLETION: September 2021

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