Quality Assurance Policy

The Dewpoint Group is a private business involved in the design, installation and maintenance of air conditioning and mechanical services for commercial, hospital, laboratory, industrial and large residential projects.

The primary objective of the Dewpoint Group Quality Assurance system is to fulfil and exceed client contract expectations. This is achieved by meeting Quality Standards in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Assurance throughout each stage of the Project, from estimating, design, planning, programming, installation, document control and final inspections to project handover.

All of the Dewpoint Group personnel, subcontractors and suppliers are responsible for implementing Quality Assurance on all projects via compliance with legislative and standard-based specifications. Specifications apply to materials, safe works guidelines (SWMS/JSAs), qualified personnel, subcontractors and suppliers, and work conditions.

The Dewpoint Group Site Construction Quality Assurance Manual strives towards continuous improvement through regular review of procedures, forms and processes as identified by personnel working under the Quality Assurance System.