Ipswich Central Civic Offices & Library

Dewpoint Group is pleased to announce the practical completion of Ipswich Civic Offices and Library in conjunction with our trading partner Hutchinson Builders. The Ipswich City Council engaged Hutchinson’s for this part of their ongoing regeneration of Ipswich Central area into a world class digitally integrated mixed-use precinct.  We at Dewpoint are fortunate to have been engaged by Hutchinson Builders on this cutting-edge design and build since the commencement in February 2020.

The project is now home to a new purpose design and built Council office building and chambers with an integrated environmentally targeted fit out. Surrounding the building is a vibrant community based cultural precinct that includes a new public library, retail tenancies, water play areas, a piazza and extensive underground parking. It has been part of a long-term vision for Ipswich City Council providing a framework for future projects, as well as opportunity for community interaction and private economic growth. 

BUILDER: Hutchinson’s
COMPLETION: March 2021
VALUE: $8.1M  

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